Function rooms for 25-200 people

Tacconi-Favero, Vialli-Baggio and Juventus : function rooms for large-scale events

For guaranteed quality, choose the Dijon Toison d’Or Holiday Inn for your reception, conference or other large-scale event.

Our quiet and spacious reception rooms can accommodate a large number of attendees, while our meeting rooms are ideal for business meetings or smaller gatherings.

The Toison d’Or offers a bespoke service based on the specific requirements of your event.

Reception room facilities

The Tacconi-Favero, Vialli-Baggio and Juventus rooms are designed to be supremely comfortable and user-friendly.

The rooms come equipped with all the technology you will need for a successful event: your company logo can be projected onto the wall of the entrance hall and meeting room, and we provide high-speed wireless internet, video conference equipment, a large projection screen, a lounge area just outside each room for breaks, and folders for notes and print-outs.

Guests can also be served food within the conference room itself.

Recommended uses for the reception rooms

These rooms are especially well adapted to :

- Large meetings, conferences, symposiums, debates, plenary meetings, conventions, etc.

- Forums, product launches, shows and performances;

- Team-building days;

- Celebrations and birthdays,.


These rooms also fit configurations meals: breakfasts, lunches and dinners for up to 80.

Salle de conference Juventus La salle Juventus Holiday Inn Disposition en classe pour la salle Juventus
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